Kale With Friends Milestone 1 Update

Today I will be giving an update on our group’s Kale With Friends project. The previous project update a few weeks ago consisted of a simple design mockup for the website. Currently, our project is coming along nicely with some features of our website already implemented.

Our goal for milestone 1 is to allow a user to find a recipe given a list of ingredients the farmer’s were selling. Imagine if you were at a farmer’s market and you are interested in what the farmers were selling. You bring up Kale With Friends and navigate to the page that notifies you what each farmer has in stock. Looking at the list, you can already imagine what you may want to cook tonight for dinner. However, you don’t feel like eating that dish today. Luckily, Kale With Friends is able to inform you of several recipes that are availiable given the ingredients the farmer’s sell. Finding a recipe you like, you go to the appropriate stall to buy whatever ingredients you need for tonight.

The above is a simple scenario of what we want milestone 1 to accomplish. In the future, we plan to add user reviews of farmers, user reviews of recipes, and also perhaps provide real time updates as a farmer’s market is in progress.

Progress Review

Working with my group so far has not been too problematic. The most common issue appears to be that we sometimes push code that has not been fixed with CheckStyle or not formatted correctly. Fortunately, we usually realize our errors almost immediately when we check our code on GitHub. Another issue that I found personally was that I realized I am terrible at creating good branch names. When creating a branch, I would call it whatever I wanted to work on. However, when I started working in that branch, I found out that I had to implement another feature of the website before I could work on what I wanted to work on. This caused my branch name to be named incorrectly because I implemented a different feature than what I initially wanted. The branch names actually caused a minor confusion within my group because they would do a pull on the branch thinking I implemented that specific branch feature when I did not code that feature yet. Fortunately, my group members weren’t too upset with my poor branch names when I told them which branch contained the actual implemented features.

If you want to know more about our project, here is the link to our GitHub repository and our project website, Kale With Friends.

Future work

While we encountered minor issues with the workflow for the project, we are still coming along nicely in creating Kale With Friends. Although, we still have to improve our communication within the group. To remedy this, we recently started a chatroom in Slack so we can quickly give updates to each other. I also need to improve on my ability to create branch names so they are descriptive for the feature I want to implement in that branch. All in all, I foresee the project to be completed on time when we reach the end of the school semester.