Kale With Friends Milestone 4

Kale With Friends

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and Kale With Friends is almost complete. Unfortunately, a teammate was having health issues, so we had to cut a part of our project out involving Google Maps. Fortunately, our professor gave us a good idea to resolve this problem by simply leveraging Google Map’s hotlink feature to their Maps site. For the other parts of the website, our professor provided us with some insight on how to improve the views of our application, such as providing additional information for markets and allow users to quickly find where they are.


The first primary issue I worked on was to allow users to select a market on the Available Now page. This was easily fixed by providing a dropdown menu to allow a user to select a specific market. After clicking the market, the page reloads to only show farmers that are attending the market. By having this type of implementation, consumers are now able to easily view the market’s farmers and their produce if they were currently physically at the farmer’s market.

The second issue(#1 and #2) I worked on was to write tests for the code. Unfortunately during the development process of Kale With Friends, testing the application became a second priority. To remedy this problem, I wrote the tests for the accessing the various pages of our website.

The third issue was pointed out by our professor where our links for the feeds were going to wrong farmer. Apparently there was a bug in the code that caused the link to always default to another farmer because it was missing a parameter. The missing parameter was fixed and the link reaches the correct farmer. A small issue was that navigation bar was also not being highlighted for the dashboard page. That was also fixed by changing the page title to the correct id.

The fourth issue(#1 and #2) is fixing a bug caused by displaying the markets on the farmer’s dashboard and the farmer’s edit page. I had to rewrite a portion of the HTML code to display the model correctly as a string. In addition to displaying the markets, I also changed the edit farmer’s page to display checkboxes for markets as having a text fields for markets was quite unwieldy.

The fifth issue involved updating the Wiki to become more robust. Spent some time to update the descriptions and moved the sections around in the User Guide and Development Guide.


In conclusion, we have a working www.kalewithfriends.us at the end of the semester. Working on this project was quite fun and stressful as deadlines were always quick. In particular, moving from the mockup database to using Postgres was the biggest challenge as we had to remodel our application. There are still some improvements we can work on over the summer in our spare time but as project that only had around a month to implement, I believe we were quite successful. If you are interested in contributing to the project, here is the link to the GitHub repository and the link to our release.